How to host the best unicorn themed party?

The modern parties are all about the amazing and extensive food range, be it the classic marshmallows or multi colored ice-cream cupcakes. One thing is absolutely clear that people are unable to get enough of the amazingness these food items have to offer. Therefore, while talking about arranging a party what better way to make it exciting then incorporate the wide range of unicorn elements and hosting an entirely unicorn themed party. People love anything colorful and fun, that is exactly what unicorn themed parties have to offer. If you too are someone who is planning to arrange a unicorn themed party, then this article is just what you needed since it contains some of the most amazing ideas to make your event a success amongst your guests, be it kids or adults.

Unicorn cupcakes:

There is no party without the presence of cupcakes, that attract the foodies to the maximum. With regard to a unicorn themed party, t cupcakes have to incorporate certain elements linked with the mythical creature. You will have to add such cupcakes that go best with the theme of your party. The best way to achieve this could be to craft unicorns on top of these ice-cream cupcakes, add in colors to the making of the cupcakes. The colors that go well with a unicorn themed cupcake include pink, blue and purple. You can even add in edible horns on top of the cupcake to make it even more unicorn-like.

Unicorn dipped strawberries:

For the party, if you are in search for such a sweet element that is not really sweet just like a cupcake neither is it too bland just as if you served strawberries as it is.  Great idea for such a sweet could be the unicorn sipped strawberries, that will ooze prettiness to the maximum and will be a great delight to have. What can be done is that strawberries can be dipped in white chocolate rather than the typical brown one, this will give a unicorn feel to the strawberries. Another option can be that in order to opt for a healthier dip for strawberries, melted yogurt chips can be made use of.

Unicorn-themed headbands:

One thing which you need to make sure of as the host of the unicorn themed party is that every guest must get the feeling that they are welcome and are an integral part of the entire unicorn theme. The guests need to be engaged on an individual level as well. The best way to achieve this without having to spend much time, as well as money for arranging the costumes, can be to incorporate unicorn headbands for the guests. At the entrance of the party, a table can be placed where the sparkly golden unicorn headbands with a horn on the top can be set for each guest to pick and wear throughout the party as they wish. This step will not only add in an even more unicorn touch to the party but it will also make the guest feel special and regarded by offering them a piece of the theme.

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